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A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish

December 2018

From Jesus, Son of God

This wish involves a gold table, a piece of your heart, setting aside the world for Him, and maybe some cake. It doesn’t involve a lot of shopping. It doesn’t include cooked animals or long car rides to estranged family. It involves giving a piece of love to Jesus, so He can love you back and in the maturing of that relationship He wants to bring you to His family around a gold table, where there’s always cake, and candles, and the reality of who He is as well as all of God’s created children, are in the reflection of their maker, their life giver. He said He had slot of birthdays, but what He really wants is to be loved by the one’s on earth that He loves, and in turn He can protect them and restore them as beloved children and family with purpose and identity in Gods will as the gifts bought by Him. Jesus wanted time with them, one on one, to love them, to listen to His heart, as He listened to theirs. To lead our hearts in the direction of healing from a world that is not conducive to love, loving or true-love.

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