Memoirs Reflections of the Fathers Heart



Reflections of the Fathers Heart contains revelations from the Father to the next generation, the end time army, the kingdom’s invitation to the earth, as well as September, 11, 2001 and more.
God has given vision that the one who reads it may run and live by faith.
The words within this book are true throne room encounters and experiences. Is there ever an end to the interpretation of God’s love? I have made an attempt to convey the heart of my Father, Son and Holy Spirit and share it, as they has requested, with you. These are heart perceptions, divine interpretations; not of myself but of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I ask that you: judge not with the eyes of the world but with the eyes of your heart.
Awaken love!
C. L. Thomas
“This is the best book I have ever read, it’s beautiful, impacting” A. M. Piscitelli, Redding, CA