New Day Redemption Day




The Path Of Destiny

The New Day Redemption Day is the first book in The Path Of Destiny series which is consecutive to the Journey of The Heart Series.

We were as we began. I sat with my head under His chin listening to His heart. The heart of a Great Spirit Father who knew me better than any earthly being. He created me and we formed loving memories before I left His throne within His kingdom to earth. His purpose for me I was made aware as I had found destiny within The Lions heart. His mane was soft, His roar was fierce with the power of love.

My journey of the heart has destined me here back underneath the Heavenly Fathers chin where I had begun listening to stories of what I would become and how His love was able to continue where true love living love had left off. The place our love began and His words were in the form of stories of who I would become on earth.

Today the stories refreshed as I have matured into His words, finding myself cloathed in the cloak of Jesus honoring our true love covenant His life. Gifted by His victorious crown.

The stories continue from my Heavenly Father on my path of destiny a path confidently moving towards home.