The 9,9,9



The 9, 9, 9—A position in Heaven. A position of loving Heavenly family. A birthright loving The Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit, and The Son who first loved and on a lap of love which is the most high love, I loved. Then coming from Those with a true–love, and with all of the heart it is from that position I live. I live a life in the name of Jesus The Son of God. Not only His name, His heart. It is from that position of loving and living, abiding spiritually in Heaven, I am positioned as a part of the 9, 9, 9. Although positioned in the lowliest part, yet significant, with purpose unto The Higher. I write from Heaven to earth. I write from abiding in a Heavenly family’s embrace as I embrace their heart of love. I write from a supernatural place. I write not from earth unto Heaven, but from Heaven to earth.