The Armageddon II The Lions Roar



“Today is the day for a good book,” The Heart Father said. “One that reaches for the stars, challenges you to become more than you are, and unites family in power and love restoring life and the beauty thereof. Shall we open the book,” He questioned. I nodded with my heart full and flowing over with excitement.

Dear reader,
You are chosen to participate in a Lap of Love experience with The Creator of every living thing and His child whom He has chosen to be His and has graciously given our time together to “others” and you are one of these. So, in gratitude I am dedicating this manuscript to “the other”.

On, the seventh hour, declares The Lord, a significant other was brought to a Heavenly table, and that significant other was the order of God whom orchestrates all things timely. I, could begin a life for two,-unify them,-bringing then a family of greater good, so a family was born not of flesh and bones or of child bearing years, but united in power and spirit and eventually heart they began to unify. Little did the royal child know that this journey would lead to and even larger family.
Family was the child’s one desire its heart was guarded for it. Even though at times the world didn’t cooperate with values or the beliefs that would eventually be known the promises from Heaven she would hold to dearly, and for so long. Children were created to keep family first, to trust that children were all God’s as she was and eventually they could all come back to His throne for a stay. To be lifted above the storms of life and enjoy the warmth and security of a real home, real love, real family, real life. Enough love to receive her soul and begin a new day with hope, love, belief in miraculous tomorrow’s to partner with even against all odds within the world.
So, that was the life the Royal child lived, day to day until the spiritual union began to create more unity of family than was usual for a royal still on earth. The place for family in the heart was brimming over to fully flowing from the royal families experiences and unity. The Prince had produced a rich unity and blessed inheritance of unexpected journey’s with unexpected company


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