The Armageddon



Synopsis: “In this tale as old as the grave, the tale between good and evil, The Armageddon is that battle depicted here in heavenly vision. I will display My glory and am unveiling of power in this last hour. The rise and fall of the antichrist is at hand. See him birthed in a society watered down by religion, desperate in ruin, caught by deception. The Armageddon isn’t a battle of religion. The Armageddon is a battle of worship; worship of man, hiding behind the beast. In The Armageddon the Battle of Souls you will see the heavenly prophetic of the antichrists birth and resurrection, in heavenly prophetic vision. Wearing the face of a man with authority and power in the spirit realm, given keys from instruments of peace, now instruments of destruction; the destruction of man, the final end,” says the Lord.
Excerpt taken from the introduction