To Unveil the Undiscovered



The Journey of the Heart Series Volume IX
To Unveil The Undiscovered is as a ripple over a lake to the authors published work The Struggle of 9/11, volume Twin One continuing to unveil spiritual truths.

Let it be a lesson to the earth that love lives, and reigns and has ability even to uncover the secrets of the deep.

To Unveil the Undiscovered is the uncovered. Through loves ability and the backing of the family of God, the End Time Army, the Undiscovered is a valuable lesson. A lesson of truth sending fiery missile towards the enemy’s camp the risen throne of the Antichrist on the earth in the spiritual realm.
To Unveil the Undiscovered is the uncovered, unmasking the purposes of the enemy with the fiery missile of truth, holes are put in the enemy’s plans the holes of truth. The truth made available by a White Warrior backed by the Family of God and given ability by way of pure love.

Allied Riders of the Truth


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