White Waves



God sees, and knows, and hearts all the plans of The 6,6,6, and He is not alarmed. God has created Jesus, The conqueror and The Holy Spirit has been raising Conquerors by His blood ever since to cut through and resurrect the spirit man with life aligning the spirit man with Their Father’s love. The White horseman cuts the chords and bands of wickedness, and sees the entanglements of the enemy by the light of love, the Holy Spirit Father. Dethroning the enemy behind self and all other loves, with The Lord, replacing dead black hearts with new ones from above at Gods will. Teaching the new hearts to beat with a throne of gods Living love then to move that power resurrecting the spirit-man, bringing the dead bones alive again with the conquerors anointing, as The Lord Wills. No prisoner is to far gone for the free will to be able to choose to serve Jesus.